Bed Bug Preparation Sheet

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Dear Customer,
All Time Pest Control has prepared the following information to assist you in preparing your home for Bedbug service.
Please follow the instructions listed for the problem you are having. IMPORTANT: The E.P.A. will not allow us to treat
your home unless these instructions are followed completely!

Bed Bugs hiding places are:

  • Tufts, seams and buttons on mattresses
  • Cracks in hardwood flooring
  • Under carpets along walls
  • Wall voids behind switch plates and outlets
  • Window and door molding
  • Behind wall paper and pictures
  • Box springs
  • Bed frames and covers
  • Couches and chairs
  • Luggage

1. Strip all bed(s) including comforters, sheets, mattress pads, pillow cases, dust ruffle, blankets, etc. Launder
bedding same day of service. This will eliminate any re-infestation to your home. DO NOT place items on bed,
our tech will need to treat your bed and box spring.
2. Bed and box spring must be stood up against a wall so technician can treat each item thoroughly. All tufts, seams
and buttons on the mattresses must be treated.
3. Remove everything from bedrooms closet(s) and place in plastic bags. All clothing must be laundered the same
day and not returned until after service is completed.
4. All clothing from dresser draws must be removed and launder the same day of service. DO NOT return clothing
until after service.
5. Remove everything from nightstands and dressing tables and in plastic bags.
6. Remove drapes and have them laundered, dry cleaned, or replaced. DO NOT return until service is completed.
7. Discard cardboard boxes, shoeboxes, paper and plastic bags, old newspapers, stacks of magazines, and similar
items in infested rooms.
8. Vacuum all infested rooms. Beside the floor, also vacuum mattresses, bedsprings, couches, chairs, closets and
closet shelves, shoes, inside dresser draws, and beside table drawers. Vacuum bags are to be placed in a plastic
bag and discarded.
9. All dusting or clean should take place BEFORE SPRAYING!
10. Remove all loose shelf paper. Adhesive shelf paper may be left in place if not damaged.
11. Move all furniture 2-3 feet from the walls.
12. Remove all animals, birds, and fish. If your fish tank is too heavy to move outside, then place wet towels over the
top of the tank and disconnect the air pump for 4-6 hours, also wrap the air pump in plastic (you are cautioned to
check with your fish dealer on any breeds which might suffer from a 6 hour lack of aeration such breeds must be
removed from the premises.)
13. Windows may NOT be left open (unless otherwise advised).
14. We will lock all doors when leaving, so make sure you have your keys.
15. Leave your home for 6 hours. If odor is offensive, ventilate thoroughly and leave for an additional 2 hours.
16. When you come home be sure that the chemical is COMPLETELY DRY before returning your items to the
cabinets and closets. DO NOT WASH THE CABINETS and CLOSETS, as this will destroy the effectiveness of
the chemical.
17. If preparation instruction are not follow as stated technician must delay service for another day until preparation is completed. Extra charges could be applied.
18. DO NOT be alarmed if you will see insects after spraying. These will decrease as the chemical takes effect.
Conditions should be ‘’all clear” in about 30 days.
19. Preparation MUST BE complete before technician can apply any type of treatment!


  • Discarding of any compromised (ripped/torn) materials or heavily infested items may be required.
  • Dismantling of bed frames and other items will perform as part of the service program.
  • Should the box spring remain, removal of the cheesecloth underside is required for proper inspection and/or application.
  • If laundering, a hot water and detergent cycle and dryer must used.
  • A clutter free environment must be provided in order to allow access for the service technician to treat all of the needed areas.
  • Before removing all bagged items the client should inspect for pest activity.
  • The client should not touch or move any monitoring devices.
  • “Booster” insecticide treatments MUST NOT be performed by the client.

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